Here are some useful/ interesting/ possibly disturbing websites that I cannot live without:

Information on Insects:

General information:

Insect images

The Insect Company: Odd & rare insect photos

Singing insects of North America

California insects

Bug Bios: Great insect photos

The Diptera Site: information about the world's flies

NCSU entomology homepage

Spiders in Your Playground (resource courtesy of Elliot Phillips)

Spider Facts (resource courtesy of the young students of the New Orleans Rose Society horticulture seminars)

Chalcidoidea Information:

Online key for Chalcidoidea

Key to the Nearctic genera of Eulophidae, subfamilies: Entedoninae, Euderinae, and Eulophinae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea)

Universal Chalcidoidea Database

The Natural History Museum Chalcid Database

David Orr’s Biocontrol Virtual Information System

Cornell's Biocontrol Website: A Guide to Natural Enemies of North America


Science and Agriculture:

Oregon State University – Integrated Farming Systems

ATTRA: National Sustainable Agriculture Information System

SARE: Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

Growing Small Farms: Chatham Co. Extension Agent, Debbie Roos’ Website

OMRI: Organic Materials Review Institute

Database of images used to teach biology

Union of Concerned Scientists


Other things I cannot live without:

IV Design

Links to noncopyrighted photos

Free Conversion site

Gallery of Regrettable Foods



Mike Linker’s site

David Orr’s site

Jan Spear’s site
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